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GC EUROPE - Essentia

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Aesthetics brought back to the essentials Could it be any easier? With Essentia from GC, you can create all your aesthetic restorations with just 7 shades. The simplicity of Essentia was made possible by looking at the changes of natural enamel and dentin with time and reproducing those changes in a limited shade assortment. Life-like anterior restorations using only two shades! Thanks to the opacity of the dentin, the preparation line is easily masked. Using smaller particle sizes, the enamel will be easily polished and will maintain its gloss in time. The result is a very natural looking restoration with only 2 shades (here, Medium Dentin and Light Enamel were used).
Dr Javier Tapia Guadix (Spain) & Prof Marleen Peumans (Belgium)
Posterior restorations closer to nature with no extra efforts! Most posterior cases will look perfect just using the very chromatic Dark Dentin together with Light Enamel, providing as such a very natural build-up in posterior.
Dr Javier Tapia Guadix (Spain)
Alternatively, you can also use the Universal shade for a simple but aesthetic result.
The injectable Masking Liner will be easy to apply in deep cavities and will perfectly block discolorations. Discover six options to cover all your clinical cases Discover four layering options for Anterior cases, following the age of your patient - and two easy posterior solutions!

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